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Welcome To Long Cane's Library Media Center...

Our goal is to provide all students and visitors with a positive library experience and instill in students a desire to read for pleasure, enjoyment, appreciation, and knowledge as a preparation for life.
The library is a place where our young learners can exercise choice with as little interference as possible.  We are available for guidance in their leisurely materials selection, and we will try to never go against what they have chosen, even if we think it is "TOO HARD" or "too easy."
This is something we practice in our library but until recently never had it put into such a sensible manner, it is...
"The Three Bears" philosophy when it comes to pleasure reading:  Sometimes the student feels like reading a book that is "TOO HARD" because he or she is fascinated by the subject, and it feels good to have a "big kid" book about what he or she is interested in.  sometimes the student feels like reading a book that is "too easy" because a little relaxation is needed after stretching the brain muscle all day.  And sometimes the student needs a book that is "just right" for reading practice or for research.
Please come in, grab a book, sit down, relax & read!!  You might be surprised at what you'll discover.

"The More You Read, The More You Know"

Library Staff:
Evelyn Richburg,                                  Laurie Whitmire,
  Media Specialist                                        Title 1 Reading                                                                               Assistant


 Jan Brett

 Marc Brown

Eric Carle 

Dav Pilkey 

Junie B. Jones 

Dr. Seuss 

Hank The Cowdog

Magic Tree House 

Clifford The Big Red Dog 

The Magic Schoolbus 

 Thanks to all of you who supported our book fair through your help and purchases.  

  We'll be looking for volunteers for the Fall so..., if you can help please give us a call for more detail.   We look forward to seeing you!

Volunteers Are Appreciated...
We appreciate your support & help throughout the year!!